Tailor-made products and assemblies with the highest precision - thanks to the most modern manufacturing processes.

We develop and produce solutions in cooperation with and according to the specifications of our customers. We design and manufacture tailor-made products and assemblies for a wide variety of application areas cost-effectively and efficiently in constant contact with the specialists in your technical department.

We are able to produce initial samples and prototypes at short notice. Take advantage of this and set yourself apart from your competitors in the planning phase.

We produce high-precision turned and milled parts, process-reliable and with a high level of implementation know-how, and that already in the development phase.

Highly specialized, competent employees, a modern machine park and many years of experience are the basis for our certainty that we are guaranteed to meet your requirements - in batches from 1 to over 500,000 pieces.

Intelligent systems

In the Intelligent systems segment, we develop tailor-made products and assemblies for a wide variety of fields of application. We design and manufacture cost-effectively, highly precisely and efficiently.


Contract manufacturing

In the field of contract manufacturing, we produce your own developments, always process-reliable and with the highest level of efficiency.