Corporate philosophy

Living customer orientation, highly motivated employees in combination with state-of-the-art production technology - this is what characterises the IWN philosophy.

Our vision is to be an innovator and producer of beneficial products close to people, which combine environmental protection and resource conservation with technological progress and accessibility.

Our motto "Technology for You!" sums up our philosophy perfectly. At IWN, people make technology for other people. We create added value based on the needs and wishes of our customers. Our designers develop innovative solutions for special requirements.

At IWN, life is at the centre of everything we do. We produce and develop technologies, products and solutions that not only satisfy our customers, but also do their part to make our world a little easier, more beautiful, better.

Our mission is to be close to people as an innovator and producer of beneficial products, and to reconcile environmental protection and resource conservation with technological progress, simplicity, and accessibility.

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We advise and accompany our clients individually and competently. That is why the particular strength of our company lies in our consistent orientation towards the needs of our customers. We work every day to fulfil the wishes of our business partners.

Lived customer orientation, highly motivated employees in combination with the latest high-precision manufacturing technology, products, and consulting services of the highest quality: that is IWN.

The graphic "planetary gear" symbolises large parts of our company philosophy, which consists of many elements.

The screw connections in the ring gear symbolise the quality assurance methods used by us, which give the IWN construction support and security.

At the centre is the customer as the sun wheel around which everything revolves. The blue planetary wheels orbiting the customer's cogwheel stand for the skills and qualities of our employees, who keep the whole system in motion and give it new momentum again and again.

Decency and morality are very important to us. The IWN Values Trainer helps us promote and uphold core values such as helpfulness, sustainability, and honesty.

IWN does not accept discrimination on the grounds of race, origin, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age, or sexual identity. This applies in particular to dealings with colleagues and business partners and when hiring, promoting or dismissing employees.

Get to know the IWN values. Invest some time in optimising your personality. Download the IWN Values Trainer as a PDF and use it as your daily sparring partner.

Download IWN-Values Trainer (in german)

We maintain a fair, respectful, and trustworthy approach to human interaction.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and therefore also expect our customers and suppliers to comply with all applicable laws, to refrain from corruption, to respect human rights, to protect the health and safety of staff, and to comply with standards on occupational safety, environmental protection, and data protection.

As a family business, we plan for the long term. We train our skilled workers of tomorrow ourselves, and invest in the development and further training of our employees.

We want to secure crisis-proof jobs for generations - not only for us, at the Bielefeld site, but also for our suppliers, service providers and business partners. IWN has existed since 1975 and has been owned by the business family Schulte since 2005.

The course has been set for a successful continuation of the company in the coming decades - IWN is prepared for the challenges of the future.