Minimise erosion, protect crops: intelligent systems for agricultural technology.

Agriculture worldwide faces complex challenges. In 2050, it will have to feed around 10 billion people and produce energy crops and biomass for industry.

At the same time, environmental impacts from agriculture are to be reduced: Soil loss due to increasing erosion and cultivation must be minimised through alternative strategies. Mastering these problems of the coming years, and providing farms with an economically sound basis for the upcoming structural change, are important concerns of IWN.

IWN's agricultural technology systems are designed with this philosophy in mind. They offer advantages for the environment and the farmer. Our pulse-width modulated field sprayer valves VariQspray and VariQspray pro enable the precise, economical, and therefore environmentally friendly application of crop protection agents. The VariQtire tyre pressure control system ensures soil-friendly and fuel-saving driving characteristics of agricultural machinery. The VariQselect cross hoe drive provides chemical-free, purely mechanical yet thorough weed control.

IWN implements individual components and assemblies for agricultural machinery. From vehicles to agricultural equipment, we cover all areas and produce custom-fit solutions for our customers in a wide range of materials.

Product examples

Soil-protecting, erosion-reducing technologies.

Less wear and longer service life, reducing the annual investment required for repairs and system replacement.

Easy installation thanks to IWN Plug and Play systems.

Experience IWN technology in action

Product video

IWN agricultural technology in action

Short videos of some new agricultural technology products in action.

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