Mobility in town and country:
Intelligent vehicle technology for demanding automotive customers.

Whether it is door drives, controls for exterior and interior swing doors, compact drives for flaps and door panels or system solutions for the engine area: we design intelligent and customised solutions for you - specially tailored to your system requirements and your application.

Bus door drives from IWN are characterised by their compact, easy-to-install design. Our hydraulic bus door systems offer considerable advantages. They are always fully functional in a temperature range from -40° C to +80° C and are particularly resistant to vandalism.

Product examples

IWN's bus door hydraulic systems withstand high pressure when exposed to external forces and are exceptionally durable.

Our bus door drive systems can be used for both internal and external swing doors due to the swing angle of over 150°.

In the temperature range from -40° C to +80° C, they are always ready for use and maintenance-free.

Experience IWN technology in action

Product video

Bus door drive IST-E 2.0

Our designer Daniel Westerheide explains the product features and advantages of the new electronic bus door drive for interior and exterior swing doors.

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