Modern machines, and high flexibility, enable us to mass-produce extremely complex turned and milled parts.

You don't make fortunes with inventions, but with improvements.

Henry Ford (1863 - 1947), US-American industrialist

Manufacturing process consulting

We have many years of know-how in the production of high-precision turned and milled parts. Through continuous investment in the latest manufacturing technologies and machines, as well as in the ongoing training of our employees, we are able to incorporate this know-how into each project in a targeted manner as early as the planning phase.

By organising our work in agile and well-coordinated competence teams, we achieve maximum flexibility, lean and optimised production processes, fast changeovers, and short lead times.

Coating technology/hardening technology

Thanks to our highly qualified and certified suppliers, we can have metals processed according to your specifications using a wide range of application processes.

When choosing our cooperation partners, we pay attention to the highest level of technology and environmentally friendly implementation of the processes. We provide the full service, from the first consultation to the logistics.

Our partners offer all hardening technologies established on the market to make your workpieces more resilient and wear resistant.

Turning technology

Our employees manufacture both small and large series as well as prototypes on the most modern CNC lathes with long and short turning technology as well as single and multi-spindle technology.

We machine all common materials on our turning centres, such as steels and stainless steels of various alloys, as well as non-ferrous and light metals.

By organising our work in agile and well-rehearsed competence teams, we achieve maximum flexibility, lean and optimised production processes, fast changeovers, and short lead times.

Milling technology

Our state-of-the-art CNC milling machines are characterised by a high degree of flexibility and are particularly suitable for the economic and process-reliable series production of complex components and workpieces.

Our milling technology offers our customers full flexibility in terms of design, component dimensions, and number of pieces. By using CAD/CAM software, we can simultaneously programme and mill complex parts in the shortest possible time.

Our multitasking machining centres with 3-5 axes are available in 3-shift operation for your CNC milled parts.

Grinding technology

In the field of grinding technology, we at IWN use centreless grinding in through-feed and plunge-cut grinding, intermediate point grinding, or twist-free plunge-cut grinding, depending on the workpiece requirements.

The plunge-cut method in particular is suitable for machining large quantities of components in the shortest possible time with the highest possible precision in the µm range.

We carry out external and internal grinding (up to 3-spindle possible) precisely and reliably on our own universal grinding machines.

Honing technology

In addition to grinding technology, honing is another process for high-precision internal machining. On our honing machines, we machine bores with an accuracy of 0.001mm - naturally in a process-safe manner.

The honing process is monitored by modern pressure resistance measurement, which ensures maximum safety in the process for the highest possible quality and precision.

Laser hardening

Thanks to our high-quality laser hardening system, we achieve metal processing with unprecedented precision and dynamics.

The laser with ring focus ensures precise energy input with minimal heat influence and high energy density. The temperature control via pyrometer enables the temperature response in the process to be measured directly on the component and automatically adjusted accordingly to ensure the highest quality.

The ring focus prevents soft annealed spots on the workpiece. Precise energy input with minimal heat influence.

Deburring technology

We deburr our components using, among other things, the modern thermal deburring process (TEM), which is particularly suitable for removing thin, flat burrs both on the inside and outside of the workpiece.

In the TEM process, the burr to be removed is flamed off the workpiece by a pressure and temperature shock generated by subcritical gas combustion in a stable reaction chamber. There is no burning or rounding of the burr root.

The thermal deburring process is particularly suitable for relatively uniform burrs that cannot be removed by other processes due to their position.

Washing technology

In our modern washing facilities, the production parts are cleaned of cutting oil residues and production-related residues. For this purpose, an aqueous solution is used in an ultrasonic bath. Alternatively, we operate a modern washing plant based on industrial alcohol.

If required, it is possible to preserve the components after washing. Regardless of the washing process, we attach great importance to environmental compatibility in these procedures.

For the transport of our production parts, we have developed special stainless steel baskets in which each component has its own slot. Damage or impact points on components due to improper transport are thus ruled out.

Measurement technology & QM

If you want to manufacture precision parts, you must – and this is our firm conviction – have the appropriate measuring technology in-house! Our employees have access to state-of-the-art measuring systems and, in close cooperation with our customers, develop their own measuring processes tailored to the respective components, which are integrated directly into the production process.

The test instructions are created component-specific, our employees monitor the production quality in the process.

These measures are not least the guarantee for a very high precision and quality with maximum process reliability.