In wind and weather:
Intelligent systems for renewable energies

The expansion of renewable energies is a central pillar of the energy transition. The energy supply worldwide should become more climate-friendly and make us less dependent on fossil fuels, power, and heating.

IWN is setting a good example. We secure our energy supply largely through the photovoltaic system on the roof and our combined heat and power plant. Thanks to innovative combined heat, power, and cooling (CHP), we can use the waste heat generated by the production processes for heating in winter. The waste heat from the CHP plant is used by an absorption chiller to cool the lathes and milling machines.

IWN is not only a user of innovative energy-saving solutions, but also produces them.

Our product range includes pressure relief valve blocks and thermo-function blocks that can be used specifically for wind turbines. Here, special requirements apply, such as ensuring the lowest possible losses in all pressure ranges or the seawater resistance of all components in offshore plants.

Product examples

Seawater resistance in all types of waters

Ensuring low losses in pressure ranges

Thermal function blocks for wind turbines

Renewable energies

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