Quality begins with purchasing. High-quality materials, operating resources, and high-tech machines.

Purchasing occupies an important position in our value-added chain. It reduces price risks and ensures the quality of purchased materials, services, and investments.

A valuable contribution to the competitiveness of IWN products is the selection of innovative suppliers.

Through a standardised supplier management system, we have built up an international network of top partners in the spirit of "global sourcing". This network integrates our suppliers into IWN's processes of technical, qualitative, and digital development and thus makes them part of our company.

Our purchasing is internally divided into strategic and operational areas of responsibility. Strategic purchasing is an independent department and operational purchasing is part of our order processing centre.

This innovative division enables us to have a progressive view of market developments, in combination with optimal controlling, to ensure that orders are processed on a day-to-day basis. Through active procurement market research, we expand our market knowledge of the various commodity groups and optimise our purchasing processes through regular potential analyses.

Supplier partnership

Growing together with our suppliers to create common values and profits forms the core of all strategic supplier partnerships at IWN. The regular communication with our suppliers as well as the constant exchange of ideas and innovations are in the foreground, because only together with strong partners we can successfully assert ourselves in the global competition.

In order to strengthen and further expand our position in the market together with you in the future, we rely on the following success factors:

Provision of impeccable quality

Serving small and medium production batches

Flexible reaction to fluctuations in demand

Ensuring on-time delivery

Achieving annual rationalisation effects

Reliability in contractual commitments

Would you like to recommend yourself as a supplier or service provider for IWN?

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