Valves with a brain - report on IWN sensor valve in the specialist magazine profi

In the 6/2020 issue of the agricultural technical magazine profi an article about the pulse width modulation sensor valve from IWN was published.

Sensor valve Spray-iQ Top from IWN: valves with a brain

Pulse width modulated solenoid valves offer more flexibility and convenience for crop protection. Particularly intelligent sensor valves are now available from IWN with job computers from Müller-Elektronik. [...]

This is how the technical article begins in the agricultural technical magazine profi. Unfortunately, only professional subscribers can read the full article online.

If you are a subscriber, you can access the online article (in german) via the following link: Sensor valve Spray-iQ Top from IWN: Valves with a brain

By the way: The PWM sensor valve has now changed its name and is part of the new VariQ agricultural technology product family at IWN as VariQspray pro.

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