M+E InfoTruck and Kuhlo Secondary School visiting IWN

On August 23 and 24, we had an M+E infotruck and students from Kuhlo Secondary School as guests at IWN - for a unique career orientation event.

The event was exclusively for students and teachers of Kuhlo Secondary School. Kuhlo Secondary School has already been our school partner in the project “Cooperation IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) School Business” since 2019.

Approx. 75 young people from the 9th and 10th grades. Classes took advantage of our offer and gained their first insights into the professions of an industrial company. The two-day event was special because students:inside have received very little career guidance since the Corona epidemic began.

On behalf of the employers' associations in the metal and electrical industries, the M+E infotrucks impressively advertise careers in the metal and electrical industries. The fun of “experiencing it for yourself” is in the foreground. The two-story vehicle offered – of course safe in terms of Covid-19 – vivid hands-on stations in the basement, where the fascination of technology becomes tangible and perceptible. For example, students work together to assemble a gear drive. Or they program a small CNC machine themselves and have it mill a workpiece. They were guided and supported by the Infotruck staff.

IWN additionally offered tours of the production halls, led by some of our trainees. In addition, we had several information stands in the canteen. There, the students, as well as the teaching staff, were able to find out from our trainees and students about training and study opportunities in the metal industry in general and at IWN in particular.

The barbecue stand, which was supervised by the first-year apprentices, provided for the physical well-being.