(left to right) Jonas Scholl, Lukas Gerz, Adonija Lignowski, training manager Holger Popp, Jonathan Scholl, Airlind Mekaj

Start of training for cutting machine operators at IWN

IWN's promotion of young talent cannot be stopped by a Corona pandemic.

This year, we are once again training young people to become cutting machine operators. Today, four apprentices in their first year started their apprenticeship at IWN: Adonija Lignowski, Airlind Mekaj, and the twins Jonas and Jonathan Scholl.

Lukas Gerz started the second year of his apprenticeship at the beginning of July. Following a move and in consultation with the Bielefeld Chamber of Industry and Commerce, he changed his training path from industrial mechanic to cutting machine operator at IWN in Bielefeld, Germany.

All five prospective cutting machine operators can expect a very practical, 3 ½ year apprenticeship. After passing their final exams, they will be well-trained skilled workers who can operate and set up our high-tech CNC processing machine for turning, milling, grinding and honing.