New Quality-Method-Trainer

We have developed the IWN Quality Method Trainer so that we do not forget the basics when striving for continuous improvement of processes and products.

This small reference work in the form of a card slot presents the most important quality management methods that are used at IWN.

The new Quality-Method-Trainer has the same business card format as its predecessor, the value trainer. Both fit in any trouser, shirt or handbag. The Quality-Method-Trainer is not only aimed at IWN employees, but also at students and guests of the house.

The quality card slots are available at our main entrance, but can also be requested from our quality department or communication.

You will find QR codes on the back of the theme cards. By scanning the QR codes, your smartphone leads you to further information, short film clips and literature tips.

Should you ever forget which ideas and terms are behind the often communicated 8D, FMEA and CAQ practices, this trainer is a quick reminder.